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Kevin Von Handorf, P.E., S.E.

Director of Engineering, SINE WALL


2600 Far Hills Avenue
Suite 220
Dayton, OH 45419

Kevin Von Handorf, P.E., S.E. joined Inventure Civil after working as an independent structural design consultant on major transportation and building projects through his firm, KCV Structural. After earning a BSCE (Geotechnical) Degree at Case Western Reserve University and a MEng (Structural) degree from Cornell University, Kevin obtained licensure as a Professional Engineer in several states and as a Structural Engineer in Illinois. He started his career as a Bridge Engineer at FIGG Engineering Group, designing various components of signature segmental bridge projects throughout the country and managing project specific design teams.

Design experience with major civil engineering projects has given Kevin an appreciation for the impact seemingly minor design details can have on project budgets when produced at scale. As a result, he focuses the technical knowledge gained throughout his education and career on delivering the best possible balance of material and process efficiency through SINE WALL projects.

Inventure Civil Leadership

Inventure Civil’s leadership team is responsible for long term strategic initiatives in new engineered systems outside of the company’s two core systems, as well as shared corporate services.

Jeremy Mason
Jeremy Mason

Vice President of Finance

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Heather Hardwick

Director of People Operations

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Director of Market Intelligence

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SINE WALL Leadership

SINE WALL’s leadership team is responsible for building the long term value of our wall system through strategic initiatives and day to day management.

TrueTech Bridge Leadership

TrueTech Bridge's leadership team is responsible for the launch and implementation of this new system.

Jerry Knoll

Operations Manager, TrueTech Bridge

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